Our Story

Never in a million years did Dr. Thomas Offermann, DDS, think he would enter the DIY/home improvement industry after an extensive career as a dental practitioner. This all changed when a patient asked him for a syringe of the dental composite (commonly used for filling and bonding teeth) to fix his coffee maker. It didn’t take long before one request turned into a 3-kilo order. When Dr. Offerman investigated the composite further, he saw thousands of possibilities before him.

From that moment forward, Dr. Offerman was inspired and discovered a new application for this composite every day. Years of testing many formulas led to the transfer of its use in dentistry to general use by virtually everyone for almost anything. This was the discovery of Bondic and the beginning of infinite possibilities.


Dr. Thomas Offermann

Inventor of BONDIC®


Robert Harbauer

President & CEO of BONDIC®

“We believe this is the best tool because it has 1001+ applications”

Robert Harbauer

President & CEO of BONDIC®

With BONDIC®, everyone immediately has something they need it for.

Bondic can immediately fill a need for everyone. There is always a repair to be made, and Bondic is the tool to fix it.

Bondic is a dream come true for the DIY enthusiast and the “It will fix-it’s” of the world. Using its patented liquid formula, it is extremely easy for individuals of any skill set to repair their belongings or create new ones.

What it Does

Bonds, builds, fixes & fills ANY material (plastic, metal, glass, etc.)

Time Saved

It cures in 4 seconds when the UV light is applied. This means you are in control of when you want the product to be set. The times you have spent waiting for glue to set are OVER.


Bondic works at any temperature, inside or outside, and even underwater. Bondic is the undefeated solution for your repairs.



Everything Considered

What you are seeing is the World’s First Liquid Welder. Bondic is like a 3D pocket printer. It uses a unique formula that is transformed into a hard plastic in just seconds when exposed to a special UV light. It is the most reliable and compact tool ever used for repairs.

Make your brand’s name stick with your customers. Market with a helpful product and a truly revolutionary product that will repeatedly draw your customers’ attention to your brand. Bondic is a practical tool for a broad demographic of customers, and for this reason, it serves your brand as a perfect marketing tool. Put your brand’s name on a product that will capture your customers’ attention—a market with Bondic.

What is Bondic? Bondic is the new multi-purpose glue. Bondic has over 1,000 applications and can repair anything from a broken coffee cup to a leaky pipe, unlike other adhesives that drip, don’t dry, and don’t work. It doesn’t drip, it dries only when you want it to, and it absolutely works!






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