How Many Times has Glue Let Us Down?

Bondic is the only product that works where glue fails. It’s a liquid plastic that hardens only when you need it to harden. YES…it remains a liquid until you are ready. NO drips, NO sticky fingers, and NO mess!



Whether your promoted event is a corporate, sports, or family event, the practicality and sleek design of Bondic as a promotional product will elevate the success and image of your event significantly. Using our online design platform, you can add your logo (business or sports team), monogram (wedding, birthday, or anniversary), or any image you desire. The design options are endless. To learn more, click below.


Brand Awareness

Statistics have proven that over 70% of individuals that received a promotional product could recall the brand associated with the product. These numbers increase significantly with the more practical promotional products. Bondic is by far the most useful and unique promotional product your customers will ever get. Repeated use of your branded Bondic product is definite, giving you maximum brand exposure with even the most challenging target audiences.



With numerous applications, Bondic is a gift that is certain to be used again and again. With every use, your brand is reflected and promoted. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving. It is a gift that will increase your brand exposure and a gift that your customers will love.

Everything Considered.

BONDIC® is an original product and an outstanding promotional giveaway because the endurance and novelty of BONDIC® will make people returning to use it. You are bringing your brand even more exposure.